Ms. Emily (captain_emily) wrote,
Ms. Emily

Writer's Block: Love is in the Air

Going somewhere, maybe the beach or park, with my dogs.  I can tell a lot about a person, including whether or not they're worth my time, by how they interact with animals.

If they're keeping the dogs at a distance, treating them like dumb animals, or more worried about drool and muddy paw prints than throwing the frisbee, they're not the kind of people I want to hang around with.  On the other hand, if they're relaxed, playful, and willing to overlook the slobbery kisses and black fur everywhere, they're probably my kind of person.

Besides, my Doberman Tiny--80 pounds of solid muscle--is a fantastic deterrent for keeping creepers or "overly-friendly" guys at bay.

It's also completely impossible for me to be upset while playing with my dogs, so it's more conducive to a relaxed environment.  

Tags: my pets are adorable, writer's block
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